Friday, January 16, 2015

The Idea

I'm good at ideas, and I have this big idea for creating a community garden in northeast Amarillo. My enthusiasm led me to enter a contest called the Suddenlink Impact Challenge, and I got word on Wednesday that I'm one of the five finalists.

Now I'm nervous, as I always am when I feel pressured by responsibility for something new, and potentially major.

 I'm not experienced in creating community gardens. In fact, I've always had two black thumbs. Fortunately I have a number of resources to call on, including the horticulture teacher Palo Duro High School, who was one of the first people whose brain I picked about the idea.

As one of the finalists I should get at least an honorable mention so I will have at least $250 toward my project, which will give me the means to have organizational meeting in the area.  That makes me nervous because I feel obligated to do the best possible job.

My first hurdle is going to the awards luncheon where they will announce the order of the winners. Fortunately I can invite guests so I've invited some people for moral support, some I terms to have some social anxiety.

While I'm waiting I've been doing research on what must be done to implement the idea.

I'll post more as things progress. Wish me luck.

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