Tuesday, January 20, 2015


After my spate of enthusiasm research I convinced myself I would never hear from the contest again. After all, surely there were dozens, if not hundreds, of other ideas that were better organized and had more backing than a loose-knit group of people who "liked my idea."  I didn't (and still don't) even have enough money to arrange an organizational meeting. I thought my idea would be on hold indefinitely.

On January 12 I got a "heads up" message from the contest advising me to determine how many people would attend the awards luncheon in the event that my submission was a finalist. Still, I thought the whole thing was a long-shot.

On January 14th everything changed. I got an email advising me that my idea is a finalist! Linda thought I was going to pass out at my computer. I went to the contest page and learned that my idea, Northeast Amarillo Community Gardens, is one of only five finalists and would win at least $250! While that's not a fortune for a project like this, it at least gives it a chance. I won't know which prize it won until the 30th. Rest assured I'll be posting the results here as soon as I know them.

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