Monday, January 19, 2015

Research - Step 2

The next step in my research, after online and the library searches was emails. I started with an email to the horticulture instructor at Palo Duro High School, Russell Camp. He responded quickly and enthusiastically and we set up a meeting to discuss the idea.

I'll admit I was hoping that he would offer to take over the idea and run with it, bit I pretty much knew in advance that wouldn't happen. Mostly he  that he thought he could get the school district to allow his pupils to help with the project if I could get the ball rolling. It was after my meeting with him that I went ahead with the application.

The app asked how many team members there were and I said 5, as that is the number of people I figured I could pull together at first. I was pushing it calling them a "team" since it is all very loose-knit.

I also emailed the contact person listed for the existing community garden here is Amarillo, the West Hills Community Garden. Unfortunately I have yet to hear back from her, but that may be because it's the "off season" for gardening.

Maybe I'll hear from her yet.

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